Horse Adoption

Name: Renegade

Age: 12-13 years old

Breed: Quarter Horse-type

Height: 15 hands

Gender: Mare

Colour: Bay

Rideability: Renegade is a now working nicely under saddle and is a very willing and sensible partner. She stands well for mounting and will do a good whoa, walk, jog and backup. She is also doing well navigating some trail obstacles and hacks out well. Renegade is still quite green at the lope/canter and needs more work on her transitions and pace. Renegade is currently being schooled Western but could certainly transition to English. Renegade would make an excellent pleasure/trail partner for an intermediate or above rider. She is not currently suitable for a beginner rider but could be with more miles.

Additional information: Renegade has lovely ground manners and is very social with humans. She lunges, crossties and trailers well. She gets along well in a mixed herd and is an easy keeper. Renegade is up-to-date on vaccinations, worming and dental. She has been sound and healthy to date. She has received some chiropractic care to treat mild TMJ and now has normal movement in her jaw. Her veterinarian feels this condition has been successfully resolved, but she may require an occasional adjustment. She is currently on good quality hay and pasture with supplement.

Contact: 613-345-2492 or email


Name: Batman

Age: 12 years old

Breed: Welsh cross

Height: 12 hands

Gender: Gelding

Colour: Bay

Rideability: We are unsure of Batman’s riding history, but he may have been trained to ride and drive in the past. We are currently restarting him under saddle. He is well behaved on the ground and he tacks up and lunges well.

Additional information: Batman is any easy keeper and gets along well with others. He loves the outdoor life with a run-in shelter, but will tolerate being in a stall at night if necessary. He is sound, healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations, worming, dental and farrier care.

Contact: 705-645-6225 or email


Name: Maddie

Age: 8 years old

Breed: Grade

Height: 14.1 hands

Gender: Mare

Colour: Bay


Rideability: Maddie’s previous owner had done a bit of hacking with her several years ago, but Maddie has not been ridden much for the last few years. We have just restarted Maddie under saddle and, although she is very green, she is very willing. Given Maddie’s level of training she would be best suited to an experienced rider, or possibly an intermediate rider with a coach. Maddie responds best to a calm, confident rider with a soft hand and a balanced seat .

Additional information: We feel that Maddie has tremendous potential. She is sound, healthy and is flashy, with nice movement. This lovely mare could shine in any number of disciplines and jobs, if you are willing to put in the schooling time and effort.

Maddie is up-to-date on vaccinations, dental, worming and farrier care. She is an easy keeper who prefers the outdoor lifestyle with proper shelter etc. She does not currently require shoes or grain. She gets along well in a herd and is just a fun mare overall.

Contact: 613-345-2492 or email