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Adoption fees as of November 1, 2017. Applicable tax is included in these adoption rates. Payment can be made by cash, debit, VISA or MasterCard.

Dogs and puppies $450.00

The Ontario SPCA Orangeville & District Animal Centre is a participant in the Meet Your Match® Canine-ality™ Adoption Program. This program, owned and distributed by the ASPCA, uses a science-based, colour-code system to bring compatible pets and adopters together, increasing the potential for a successful, permanent placement.
Each dog on our web site is shown with its Canine-ality™ type and description.

The cat assessment reliably predicts, based on its Feline-ality™, how an individual cat is likely to behave in its new home. An adopter's survey identifies the characteristics of the adopter's preferences and lifestyle that correlate with specific feline-alities™. Adopters can look for the cats with specific feline-alities™ they feel would be a good fit for their household and identify them by colours and sub-categories.

Meet the Canine-alities™
A GREEN pooch can either be; the life of the party or a go-getter or a free spirit.
An ORANGE pooch may be; a wallflower or a busy bee or a goofball.
A PURPLE pooch can be classified as; a couch potato or a constant companion or a teacher's pet. (Source: ASPCA Web Site)
The Ontario SPCA is doing its best to ensure that each adoption results in a ; 'Match Made in Heaven'. The way a dog scores on the Canine-ality™ Assessment places the dog in one of three colour-coded categories (just like the adopter), each representing the dog's level of persistence in going after something the dog wants.