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National Cupcake Day™ is the most delicious way to show your support for animals in need of your help!

National Cupcake Day™ is Monday, February 26, 2018, but you can hold your party on whatever day works best for you! The event is supported by the Ontario SPCA and BC SPCA on behalf of participating local shelters, SPCAs, and Humane Societies.

Register today (it’s free!) and start planning your Cupcake Day party. Simply plan to supply some delicious treats, and then invite co-workers, friends and family to attend in exchange for a donation to your SPCA or Humane Society of choice. It’s a super fun and easy way to “bake a difference” for the animals in your community who need you most.

Register for National Cupcake Day™ and host your own Cupcake Party at home, school, work, or anywhere you think people will enjoy a tasty treat! Your guests donate to the participating animal welfare charity of your choice, in exchange for a delicious cupcake. Can’t get everyone together, collect funds online and get cupcakes to your donors at your convenience or send a virtual cupcake with a heartfelt thank you!

GLOBAL PET FOODS SHOW US YOUR HEART 2018 CAMPAIGN - February 11th - February 24th, 2018

Global Pet Foods Orangeville store will be supporting the Animal Centre with Show Us Your Heart Feb 11 – 24
Donate $1and Global will match it with another $1



Give us your beer, wine and liquor bottle empties - bottles, cans, tetra paks, plastic bottles & wine box bladders.
Your empties can help care for animals.

Please bring in your empty beer bottle cases and beer cans, wine and liquor bottles, plastic wine inserts from boxes and tetra wine boxes. 

The empty bottle refund can help us to feed our kittens, vaccinate the animals at the shelter and pay for veterinary procedures such as spay and neuters. Every bottle to refund will help us in our daily care of the animals. Just drop the cases and bottles off to the shelter and we'll look after the rest.

For large quantities of bottles, please call the office 519-942-3140 to arrange for us to collect the bottles in the Orangeville area. Any event that you’re having - weddings, birthdays, company get togethers, please think of the animals and bring us your bottles.

Cancelled Stamps

Please give us your cancelled stamps - we have a stamp collector that pays us by weight and then if he finds a stamp of value we get part value of that stamp. It takes a lot of stamps to keep this program profitable so please bring us your stamps.